You Gotta Keep It Tight…


28 years later…

Wouldn’t it be nice if we lived in a world where the physical didn’t matter???  A world where at first sight others saw the beauty you possess inside???  Your personality, confidence, and character was seen at first glance???  I mean it would be so awesome if the world was filled with people who could see just how driven you are; how passionate you are about your dreams and life, and a world where others were aroused by your intellect without you saying a word…  Unfortunately my friends, we don’t live in this world…  People see your size, skin, smile, height, weight, hair, and the way in which you carry yourself and because of this, YOU GOTTA KEEP IT TIGHT…

Now this is always a touchy subject for me to write about as well as for some of you to read…  Anytime I write about weight or appearance, it seems as though some of the readers get all pissed off, send me messages saying “You don’t understand”, and making excuses as to why they look the way in which they do…  Sadly to say, numerous people over the age of 30 have let themselves go….  They’ve either picked up weight, excessively drank or smoked themselves to a point of looking a minimum of 20 years older, or they’ve become complacent with looking the way in which they do…  Often they wonder as to why they’re constantly overlooked or come in second to someone much younger than they are, but the pickings are kinda slim my friend…

I’m always baffled when I see a woman driving an expensive car, but wearing a cheap bra…  Now I’ve never purchased a bra, so I’m clueless as to how much one might cost…. HOWEVER, (Click HERE to read more)


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