What Happened To You???

“Age is just a number”, but if the world was to guess how old some of you are by your actions, you would be considered an “Ancient Artifact”.  So keep it 100 with me…  What happened to the person you once were?  You know the person who believed they were capable of doing anything they wanted?  The person who was adventurous, unstoppable, determined and driven?  The person who cared about their appearance, weight, and health???  What happened to the person who believed in dreaming, laughed and smiled, told jokes, and didn’t take everything so seriously???  Oh yeah, I forgot…  YOU GREW UP AND GOT OLD…

Throughout your life you’ve been told “Work first, fun later”, so you’ve worked so hard until now you’re no longer fun to be around.  You’re either uptight, too serious, or you just act too old…  The energy and passion you once felt has been replaced by bills, commitments, and obligations…  So having fun is the last thing on your mind and sadly to say, this is the reason you’re single and wondering why you can’t find someone in your own age group…  When meeting someone who is lite hearted, maybe a lil corky and someone who lives their life free of the expectations and standards of the world, you find them immature…  Is it that they’re too immature?  Or is it, you’re mentally old?

Being an adult (Click HERE to read more)


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