Bags Are For Shopping & Traveling, Not Dating…

Do you remember when the movies, dinner at Chili’s/Bennigans, and sitting on the parking lot talking about your dreams for hours was the BEST DATE EVER???  When the only thing that mattered was the person you were out with?  Of course this was before the numerous times you were lied to, cheated on and for some of you, punched…  It was before you were left for another woman/man, divorced after giving yourself away for years, and way before your heart was broken.  These were the times you didn’t have a reason not to trust people, times when there was no wall standing between you and love, and these were the times when you honestly believed in “true love”…

These were the times before your last mate treated you a certain way and before you had something to compare all future potential prospects to.   It was way before all your friends started getting married; you were in countless weddings, LONG BEFORE YOU WANTED TO GET MARRIED, and way before Beyoncé chanted “if you like it, then you should put a ring on it”….  This was before some women were aware of who Ruth was, so they were clueless as to who Boaz was.  When some men didn’t feel the need to show their strength by the number of women they could lay. And lastly, these were the times before some women heard the ticks of their clocks….  For many of you reading, these were the times when you were much younger than you are today…

So the question was asked, “Why is it men over 35 tend to date women who are much younger than they are?”  Well it’s because they don’t want to deal with the above…  Numerous (Click HERE to read more)


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