Why “Older” Date “Younger”…

I received a question here on the site asking “Why is it men over 35 tend to date women who are much younger than they are?”  Now I thought this was a pretty interesting question and one I believe many of you readers over the age of 30 can benefit from…  So before I get started, let put a disclaimer out there…  Dating younger isn’t only limited to men, there are plenty of “Stella’s” out there finding their groove, so I’m going to answer this question generally…  So to be fair, I asked a few of my friends who are over the age of 35 who refuses to date someone their age or older…

So why is it older men and WOMEN tend to date younger???  Well because…

  • Baggage…  Sadly to say, the longer you live, the more baggage you carry…  Those who have exceeded the age of 30 are either desperately dating, hazardously toxic, divorced, separated, widowed, or just plain out unhappy…  Dating younger is much easier…  Even though the conversation may not be as stimulating as it would be with someone much older, the easiness of dealing with someone who just want to live life is less draining than dealing with someone who hates their life…

  • Youthfulness…  When men and women date younger, most times they are accused of going through “Mid Life Crisis”, and this not always the case…  “Age is nothing but a number” which shouldn’t dictate your mindset, passion, and drive in life.  Dating younger stimulates, sometimes validate, and ignites energy most older people remember and feel as though they have lost.  Dating younger is an injection of “I Can”….  Even though the mentality may not be as mature as it would be with someone much older, the “I can do whatever I want, the sky is the limit” attitude is so much better than “I can’t, I’m too old for all of that” mentality…

  • The Journey….  Sadly to say, there are a lot of people over the age of 30 who are lost in their lives.   They’re unaware of who they are, what they’re worth, and what they have to offer.  They’ve (Click HERE to read more)


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