You Make “Broke” Look Good…


Ladies, have you ever gone out with a good looking, nicley dressed, great smelling, well-spoken guy who drives a beautiful car, but when the waiter leaves the check, he calls her back and says “Could you please split this?”  Yeah I know, ain’t that some….   Fellas, have you ever gone out with a beautiful, dressed for the gods, sweet smelling, poised and articulate woman who carries a Hermes Birkin purse who’s wearing Christian Louboutin shoes, but she never invites you over to her place because it’s on a less desirable part of town (Ghetto)???  Yeah I know, ain’t that some…. Now this one is for both men and women…  Have you ever met someone who presented themselves as “The One”?  You know “the one” you’ve dreamed of your entire lift??  But after getting to know them; possibly dating them a few years and for some you, MARRYING THEM…  You realized they were truly a nightmare and “the one” you should have run from???

 It’s amazing how some people package themselves in beautiful wrappings (clothes, cars, homes, words, facades, etc), but when you open the gift (get to know them), you realize what’s inside isn’t something you want….  Inside you see a person who has issues, borderline bi-polar, insecure, and drama filled… Inside that perfectly wrapped person are tons of baggage from either previous relationships; their childhood, or just their everyday life experiences…  You realize this person you thought was good for you, really is broken….  They made “broke” look good and sadly to say, you were so busy checking off the things on your list that either you missed, ignored, or didn’t want to hear the crackling sounds ringing loud in the air (signs slapping you in the face)…

Each day I’m realizing there are so many broken people in the world…  Deep down inside some of them truly (Click HERE to read more)


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