When “Love” Gets Complicated…

Have you ever loved someone, but loving him/her felt wrong??? Wrong because it went against everything you stood for???  You never thought you would be in love with someone who is married; has multiple kids and still attached to their ex:  a liar; a cheater; an abuser; a control freak, manipulator and someone who couldn’t get a job if you filled out the application yourself….  You wanted to give 100% of you, but because they came to the table with far less, you found yourself regretting the day you allowed your “heart” to overrule your “head”…  It’s like out of nowhere love got complicated…. So let me ask you this,  is it that “love” is complicated?  Or is it we make it complicated???

It’s funny how in the beginning of a relationship everything seems to be so easy….  It’s easy to go the extra mile, purchase “Just Because” gifts, be naked under the sheets when he/she makes it home, and it’s even easy to come home and cook dinner after a long and stressful day.  It’s nothing for you to plan a “Date Night” days ahead, call first thing in the morning, text throughout the day, and call just to hear their voice before you close your eyes each night….  But something happened and out of nowhere, it seems like love got complicated…

Maybe it was the first time you saw lipstick on the collar of his shirt, found a telephone number in his pocket; recognized charges on his credit card statement at a restaurant you’ve never dined at nor has he ever mentioned… Maybe it was the first (Click HERE to read more)


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