It’s All His Fault, Right???

I’m always blown away when reading articles, blogs, and even books about why women are single… Depending on the author, their target audience and the number of books, likes, re-tweets, and post they’re aiming to earn determines the content… Most articles dealing with single women tend to place fault with the man…  Either there are no good men left; the world lacks men who recognizes a good woman, or they’re batting for the other team…  Whatever the case may be, it seems as though it’s always the man’s fault…  Sadly to say, God Himself is even thrown into this pool of men who are responsible for women being single…

Have you ever noticed how anything dealing with men mistreating, not recognizing the value, and articles in which dives into the minds of men are the the most popular? Gains lots of attention?  And the dialogue goes on for days???   Well it’s true…  Women are searching for a reason as to why they are single…  In their heads they’re this remarkable woman, so it has to be the man with the problem.  How is it they are educated, strong, independent, resourceful, yet SINGLE??  It has to be, “MEN ARE INTIMIDATED BY THESE WOMEN”…. How is it they’re beautiful, well dressed, poised, athletically fit, yet SINGLE??? It has to be, “MEN ARE EITHER GAY, MARRIED, OR ON THE DL”….  How is it they’re virtuous, a good Christian woman, have morals, yet SINGLE???  It has to be, “GOD HASN’T SENT ME MY BOAZ”…  It’s always the man’s fault as to why women are single…

So for those of you ladies who indirectly place blame on men as to why you are single, have you ever thought maybe (Click HERE to read more)


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