All “Tattooed” Up…

Here recently I have to admit I’ve been considering getting my first tattoo…  Two of my closest friends have some pretty cool ones, so I think this has caused me to consider adding some ink to this body of mine… What scares me about getting a tattoo isn’t whether or not the artist will screw up, but the fear of placing something on my body in a few years I will hate…  Of course there are procedures to have tattoo’s removed, but it comes at a cost and it takes several treatments to completely remove something it only took a few hours to complete….

Now I’ve been in love before and I must admit,   I’ve done some pretty crazy stuff all in the name of love…  But I don’t think I’ve ever loved anyone, be it family or relationship, to the degree I would ever consider placing their name in ink on my body…  To those of you who have, Kudos, hope it works out for ya…  But there are many of you reading this post regretting ever meeting the person whose name is tattooed all over your body, heart, and your mind…  Some of you are wearing tattoos physically, mentally and emotionally of someone you’re no longer wants nor thinks about you…

For those of you who are mentally and emotionally tatted up, you’ve tried everything to remove the tattoo, but have had no success….  You thought a new relationship would remove it, but it didn’t…  You thought moving to a new city; changing jobs; joining a new church would remove it, but it didn’t…  You thought blocking (Click HERE to read more)


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