Why You Didn’t See The Signs…

Growing up my Mom always told my sisters and I, “Let your conscious lead you”…  As a kid this was somewhat easy, however over the years the purity of that innocent child was tarnished…  Life experiences; the taking on of insecurities, hurts and disappointments all blurred my ability to see what was standing right in front of me…  Some of you reading this post are currently living a life filled with regrets all because you didn’t follow your conscious…  The signs were there, but either you overlooked them, second guessed yourself, or just didn’t want to see them because of your own selfish desires…  As a result of this you’re hurt, broken, angry, upset, or carrying tons of hate towards someone who isn’t worth the energy it takes to hate them…  The signs were there, but you avoided them and now it feels like you’ve driven over a cliff…

Today I want to talk about the signs we’re shown, and give you three reasons why you  didn’t’ see them…

  • You Don’t Want To See Them…  Many times when we’re headed into a situation that’s not good for us, signs are there to warn us.  It’s like RED LIGHTS are going off everywhere, but we overlook the lights.  We know when the person is married/in a relationship, but because the sex is good, we overlook the lights….  We know we’re not a good fit for the job, but because the money is good, we overlook the lights…  We know the person is cheating, lying to us,  and abusive, but  because we fear being alone, we overlook the lights…  We know those people we’re hanging out with doesn’t mean us well, but because we finally FIT IN SOMEWHERE and feel as though WE BELONG, we overlook the lights…   The signs are always there, but we don’t want to see them and this is why we get hurt, embarrassed, eventually fired, and left holding a bag filled with disappointment.

  • You’re Toxic…  Any time someone comes out of a relationship, I believe they should take proper time to heal and process where they are at the moment. Many of you reading this post jump from one relationship to the next, YOU HAVE TO BE INVOLVED…  Within weeks of ending a relationship you’re either sleeping with, committed to, or arguing with someone new.  The reasons you can’t see the signs is because you’re toxic…  You’re carrying (Click HERE to read more)


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