What Shouldn’t You Share With Your Mate???

Anyone who knows me, knows I believe in “truth”…   I would rather hurt you with the “truth” any day over hurting you with a “lie”…  In relationships, “truth” can be tricky though… Depending on how long you’ve been in the relationship as well as the person you’re involved with, to me determines what the other person should know…  I had to learn this lesson the hard way, “Everyone can’t handle the truth” and to be quite frank, “Everyone shouldn’t know the truth”…  Now does this mean you lie???  Heck no…  It just means it’s none of their business, therefore you don’t’ share it with them…

In the world there are so many people living in a prison built with walls made of “truth”…  Either they were deeply in love and felt the other person needed to know everything about them, or they were asked and answered out of fear…  They shared their truth with someone who couldn’t handle or keep it, so later they found their past being held against them…  You see in relationships, the “truth” about you always deal with your past…  You know, what happened before you entered the relationship…  So before you share your “truth”, make sure it’s with someone who can handle, keep, and won’t hold it against you…

So here are a few questions I’ve been asked…

  •  Should I tell them how many sexual partners I’ve had???  (Click HERE to read more)


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