When “I Do” Slaps You In The Face…

Today is March 30, 2016 and by now you’ve probably received a few invitations to either attend or be a part of someone’s wedding…  For some of you those invitations serve as a reminder YOU’RE NOT MARRIED…. In your heart you’re truly happy for their future, but the happiness doesn’t take away the sadness you feel about your present…  YOU’RE SINGLE, BUT YOU WANT TO BE MARRIED…  In you God placed all of this love, yet you have no one to give it to….  You want the beautiful gown/dapper tux; the flowers, breathe taking venue and to be able to say those two words you’ve dreamed of your entire life, “I Do”…  You’re watching everyone begin what appears to be a “Happily Ever After” life, so when is it going to be your turn???

I’m asked all the time, “John, when are you getting married???” and of course, I have no answer…  You see at this current phase of my life, “Marriage” is not something I desire nor am I pondering….  BUT IF the day should ever come God shows me marriage is to be a part of my future, there are a few things I’ll need to see before the venue is booked and the invites are sent…  Outside of the Health Report (STD’s, Diabetes from the lack of taking care of yourself aren’t in my future), I’ll need to see Credit Scores, Employment History, Banking Account Statements, Credit Card Statements, (Click “HERE” to read more)


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