The “SIN” In “SINGLE”…

So when did “Dating” become a sin???…    “Single” become a curse or a disease in which God needs to heal???  And most importantly, where in the bible does it states “if you’re single, you can’t live your life to the fullest???”  Man, I’m so sick and tired of both Christian men and women treating “Single” like a circumstance…  I’m not sure who’s to blame for this one, but many of you are missing out on life all because you are “single”, listening to married people, involved in your churches “Single’s Ministry”, and because you’re sitting at home waiting on God…

It’s funny how all over the internet you’ll find captions like “God is preparing the man who can handle a woman like me”; “God where is my rib?“ and the most notorious  of all, “I’m waiting on God to send me the “One” He has for me”…  Is that right???  You’re waiting publicly, but privately you feel the need to give God a little help, right???  You know like EHarmony, Christian Mingle, Black People Meet, Speed Dating, and so many others outlets you’re choosing to lend that helping hand…  Single is made out sometimes to be this bad thing and if this so happens to be your status, something must be wrong with you…  The church tries to fix you with scriptures….  Married people tries to fix you through hooking you up with people they wouldn’t date themselves…  The world tries to fix you through Speed Dating, Online Dating, and Catfishing…  But do you need to be “FIXED” or “HONEST WITH YOURSELF”???

The problem with most singles is they’re not honest…  Single is hard, sometimes feel unfair, and if you’re not careful you will find yourself depressed behind it…   It’s like no one wants to admit that sometimes it’s a struggle being SINGLE and to be (Click HERE to read more)


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