“Good Person” -vs- “Good Person For You”…

Many of you are unhappy in your current relationship and don’t know exactly why…  The man/woman you’re with is unbelievably great, however something seems to be missing.  Is it you’re still tied to your “Ex”, so you can’t see the benefits of your “Next”?  Is it you’re ungrateful and unable to see just how blessed you are to have someone as incredible as him/her??? Is it a lack of “Chemistry”???  Or is it you’re with a “Good Person”, but not a “Good Person For You”???

Many times we fall into the trap of committing ourselves to “good people”, and to be completely honest, I understand how and why this happens…  It’s hard being “single”/”divorced”/”widowed”, so we find ourselves entertaining people who are “good”, but “good”  for SOMEONE ELSE…Just because someone is a “good person”; has a great job; a believer, and has the potential of becoming a great mother/father of your children doesn’t qualify them as the person you should be with.  “Good” isn’t “good enough” if they aren’t the person you are destined to be with…

Sadly to say, some of you are in relationships or married to people because you believed eventually you would fall madly in love with them, but still to this day you haven’t… You love him/her, but you’re not in love with them…  You (Click HERE to read more)


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