I Need You To “Like” Me…

Some of you live for “Like” on Social Media…  Yasssssss honey, a “Like” gives you life (I hate that with a passion, lol)…  It confirms and validates your good looks, importance, progress, potential, value, worth and for some of you, “Like” is the stamp of approval on your life…  The more “Likes” you get, the more you’re worth; feel validated; the “hotter” you are, and the more you feel people like you…  But a “Like” on Social Media means nothing if you don’t “Like” yourself in real life…

Some of you are prostituting yourself; your grind, and your gifts…  “Insecurity” has become your pimp, and “Like” is your pay…  You’re on every corner (Social Media Outlet) daily selling yourself to people who frankly don’t care…  You need these people to “Like” your post because you need them to prove you’re wrong… Wrong on how you see yourself…  Wrong on (Click HERE to read more)


One thought on “I Need You To “Like” Me…

  1. It depends on why you would like those “likes” in the first place. My personal Facebook doesn’t bother me. My business page is another case entirely. Likes means business interest, which in turn means making $$$. Likes makes for good business sense. If you live in Australia (like me) marketing companies such as Tribe and The Redeemables Group won’t work with you without a healthy social media following.

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