The Internet Ruined My “Date” Life…


Over the weekend I caught up on SyFy’s new show “The Internet Ruined My Life”….  Kind of scary, but a great show…   It’s amazing how what was considered a harmless post altered these people lives forever…  Death threats, hacked computers, and personal information plastered all over the internet by people they don’t even know  is the cost they paid for hitting “Send/Enter/Post/Tweet”…  Like the people on this show, many of you are paying the cost for things you’ve posted in the past and things you’re currently posting on the internet…  Your “Date” life is suffering because of it, and you don’t even know…

So you’re wondering why you’re single, huh????  Well, when was the last time you checked your Facebook, Instagram, Snap Chat, and Twitter page?  Actually scrolled down and viewed all the pictures, meme’s, random status updates, rants, and all the pics you’ve been tagged in by people who not only lack respect for their own lives and privacy, but yours as well????  Post that seemed harmless and were cute at the time, but “You had to be there to understand it” worthy??? Whether you know it or not, your page is a Picasso painting of who you truly are and to be honest with you, the painting is quite UGLY and  UNATTRACTIVE…

“It’s just Social Media, it’s not that serious” is what you say, but you want to be taken seriously….  In real life you want to be taken seriously as a “Mature Independent Woman”, but the painting on your wall screams “Immature Thirsty Whore”…  You want to be viewed as a “Dreamer”; “A Man/Woman on (Click HERE to read more)


One thought on “The Internet Ruined My “Date” Life…

  1. I never thought of social media from your perspective. Ppl paint a picture of themselves they may think is “cool” when in fact the information they are posting could be portraying a negative image.

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