Lost In Love…

“Love” a word easy to say; an expression hard to find; an indescribable emotion, and a feeling many of us find ourselves lost in…  “Love” holds the power to “change” us for the good, but there are times when it blinds us to things that are clear to the open eye… “Love” should lead us into an awareness which shines a bright light on who we are as an individual, mate, sibling/child, human, and a purpose filled being, but for many of you reading this post, you find yourself lost because you’ve suppressed, denied, and sacrificed your true selves for the sake of it…

I can remember times when I was lost in love; times when I sacrificed my dreams for the sake of someone else… I thought it was the right thing to do in order to keep the relationship happy…  That in order for me to be a good boyfriend, son, friend or coworker, I had to put my hopes on hold…  At the time  (Click HERE to read more)


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