2 Ways Women Avoid Rejection…

A buddy of mine posted this extremely long status update on Facebook about how a woman at a bar thought he was gay because of the drink he chose…  She believed it wasn’t manly, so she instantly put him on the “Suspect” List….  Now for the life of me, I can’t comprehend why my buddy felt the need to entertain, address and give energy to something as immature, ignorant and petty as this, but he did…   I guess he reached his breaking point and had to know why she thought he was gay…  (This is another blog for another day)… Later she shares her conclusion was based on his “mannerism” and the fact he was drinking a “Watermelon Martini” … Now to top it off…  After he convinces her he wasn’t gay, she tries to holla at him…  REALLY???

Today I want to share two reasons as to how I believe women avoid rejection… So here we go…

Women avoid rejection by not saying anything at all…  Now some of you may feel a man should approach the woman, but its 2016…  Women are Presidents of Fortune 500 Companies, CEO’s, Business Owners, TV and Music Producers, Empires all by themselves, etc., but you can’t approach a man you’re interested in???  REALLY????   Here’s something you should ponder…  The problem most women have is they don’t know how to step to a man and still be a lady…   They’re either too aggressive, too immature, too thirsty, too empty (Yeah a lot of women lack substance), too crazy, or come across as being too desperate …  Just be (Click HERE to read more)


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