2 Misconceptions of “Dating” And “Marriage”…

.Here recently a good friend of mine shared a question one of her friends asked about me…  “If he’s never been married, how can he write a book on dating???”  So my question to all of you who may have this same question, my question to you is “So when did “Marriage” become the prize for dating????”  Many of you who have asked this question are more than likely unsuccessfully dating, unhappily single, or if you’re married, more than like you pressured your man/woman into taking the plunge…. Any happily married person would know there is a HUGE difference between the two…  In “How to Win the Dating Game” I list the different types of daters on the scene and how they tend to enter into the dating game…  Today I want to talk about one in particular because I believe many of you fall into this category, but you’re unaware of it…

Altar Dater

The Altar Dater’s primary goal is finding and marrying the man/woman of their dreams.  Marriage is their main focus and she/he is unwilling to date anyone who doesn’t fit into the bubble of what is believed as marriage material.  They’re aggressive, come off as rude and on the surface, she/he appears to be strong and well put together, but underneath they’re vulnerable; questioning whether or not something is wrong with them. 

The Altar Dater overlooks dating is the “sifting” process. They fail to utilize it as a time to   (Click HERE to read more)


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