Trending everywhere is #FlashBackFriday… Tagged to crazy and funny pictures; hilarious and wild meme’s, videos, and all of sorts of things that reminds people of their past…  They’re reminded of things which brought them joy, taught them lessons and for some, memories of what was… For some of you reading, you’re having a #FlashBackFriday yourself…  Even though you haven’t posted a picture on Social Media, all over the walls of your mind are memories of past relationships, failures, mishaps, and mistakes… Memories of how you were a fool, didn’t see the warning signs, and how you allowed love to hurt you…  You didn’t see the signs then, but today flashes of everything you missed have taken you back…  Your heart is saying “Go Back”, but your mind is screaming “Keep moving forward, there’s nothing behind you”…
What I know for sure is… Just because you’re having a #FlashBackFriday doesn’t mean you have to go back…  For some of you reading, you’re contemplating going back..   You’re contemplating going back because it hurts to live without them (heart), but in reality you know it hurts (Click HERE to read more)

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