Why Won’t You Date ……?

Isn’t it funny how we all know a sea of eligible singles, yet none of them quite fit what we’re looking for?    It’s like nothing’s wrong with him/her, but they’re just not our type…  Some would say we’re too picky, but is it we’re too picky or is it they’re just not what we’re looking for???

I think as singles we’ve all been asked, “Why won’t you date ….., they’re a great catch?”  And in all honesty, this may be true…  He/she may check off everything on our list, but there’s something missing, CHEMISTRY!!!  What some fail to realize is just because two people are single, doesn’t necessarily mean they’re compatible…  So why is it people who are in relationships constantly seek to put singles in one?  Is it that “Single” is so bad?  Is it not possible for someone to live a happy life outside of a relationship?  Is it that you talk about NOT being in a relationships so much, they’re just trying to shut you up?

So let’s keep it 100…  Single sucks at times…  It sucks during the holidays; when going to weddings; on birthdays and for some of you reading, it sucks each and every day…  It sucks because you’re a great catch; have your head (Click “HERE” to read more)


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