You Are So Beautiful To Me…

Each morning even before you open your eyes, your beauty is what I see… The bare you with no makeup, no perfect hair, no body shapers, no designer clothes/shoes or anything else, I just see you and how beautiful you are…   You’re the right color, size and shape…    You’re just plain out perfect…  Sure you’ve changed over the years, but the older you get, the more beautiful you become…

As I look into your eyes sometimes I see the doubt…  You doubt yourself because of your weight, looks, and age…  Because of your past mistakes; the abuse you’ve experienced, and because of all the times you were told “You can’t”…  You fear rejection, abandonment and not being good enough, but if you could only see yourself through my eyes, you would see just how much you underestimate yourself…  You’ve allowed the Media to confuse you, and why I don’t know…  They didn’t make you, so they shouldn’t be able to break you…  You are one of the most powerful women on the planet…  You’re irreplaceable, undeniably valuable, and you’re a force to be reckoned with…   Don’t appraise yourself by the loss of relationships, jobs, and the lack of materialistic things…

I know you’ve dated a few knuckleheads in the past, but they didn’t depreciate you, only added value to who you are…  Through those relationships you’ve become so much stronger, but you have to feel it…  You’ve become so much smarter, but you have to believe it…   You’ve become so much wiser, but you have to apply it…  You are an amazing woman and that is why you’re so beautiful to me…  Your scars, stretch marks, wrinkles, weight shouldn’t stop you from seeing your beauty, it hasn’t stopped ME…  Your relationship status shouldn’t stop you from seeing it, it hasn’t stopped ME…  Your past shouldn’t stop you, it hasn’t stopped ME…  So as you go throughout this day, know YOU ARE SO BEAUTIFUL TO ME and hopefully this will make not only your face smile, but your heart as well.



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