Breaking Free Of “The Single Mindset”…

For my final post of “Emancipation Month”, I decided to save the best for last… For some of you reading this post, “Single” is a disease…  It’s damaging your chances of living a full life, poisoning your happiness, and a disease that’s killing your hopes of a brighter future.  Your biological clock is ticking, so it’s ruining your chances of having children…  You’re approaching 30; 40; 50, so it’s causing you to become less marketable in a scene filled with young, beautiful/handsome, and tight body youngsters.  Determined not to die single, you’ve sought out help from EHarmony, Christian Mingle, Black People Meet, Plenty Of Fish; Speed Dating; Voice Chat Dating and many other platforms in which has only taken your money, but gave you no product (Man/Woman)…

“Single” has become an unbearable disorder that has impaired your vision…  You’re unable to focus on anything other than being in a relationship, walking down the aisle, and living the fairy tale life…Dating has become your full time job, but there are no benefits and the pay sucks…  “God didn’t create me to be single” and this may be true, but at this very moment you’re single, so what are you going to do?  Are you going to continue living your life dreading the weekends; “Valentine’s Day”, attending family functions and weddings?  Are you going to continue jumping into dead end relationships?  Sleeping with random people attempting to fill a void?  Or are you going to do something different so the results will be different???

Here’s something for you to ponder…  YOU MAY DIE SINGLE, NEVER MARRIED, WITH NO CHILDREN…  Your life may expire and you would have gone your entire existence in and out of relationships that didn’t evolve into marriage…  Marriage is not a prize you win for dating, nor is it a promise made by God (Click “HERE” to read more)


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