Breaking Free From “Your Ex”…


Did you know holding on to things given to you by an ex is indirectly holding onto your ex?  Whether or not you admit it, every time you look at what was given, you’re reminded of him/her.  Memories of the good and bad times; sex; possibly the abuse, and the very thing in which caused them to be placed on your list of ex’s.  You believe you’ve moved on, but subconsciously you’re tied to him/her tighter than a Boy’s Scott knot.  Some of your memories serve as a time machine because instantly you are transported back in time to the actual moment of the event.

Some of you are tied to your “ex” through sex…  Possibly they were your best ever…  He/She did things you’ve never had done before and because of this, your “next” doesn’t quite satisfy you.  He/she just don’t know exactly what its take to carry you to the levels you’ve experienced before, at least this is what you think…  Now don’t get me wrong, some people are more experienced than others, but when sex is given to our soul mates it tends to all come together…  The reason your “next” is not pleasing you is because you’ve carried your “ex” into the bedroom… (Click “HERE” to read more)


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