Breaking Free From “Others Opinions”…

Did you know what others think of you is only an opinion until you make it “truth”???  Well it’s true…  Their thoughts, perceptions, and opinions have no power until you empower it…  Outside of the seven amazing books published by 7th Sign Publishing, I believe “The Four Agreements” is a must read for everyone on earth.  A life changing book filled with principles that can change your life forever.   This book was given to me by a great friend when I first began my journey of truth, and it had a profound impact on my life…

“Speak Impeccable”, “Take Nothing Personal”. “Make No Assumptions” and “Do Your Very Best” are the agreements.  I’m daily learning to master “Take Nothing Personal”.  Meaning if you’re complimented, don’t take it personal as it’s subject to change…  If you’re criticized, don’t take it personal as it’s subject to change…  Some of you are living in bondage all because of the opinions of people who don’t pay your bills; have a “HEAVEN” or “HELL” to send you to, and people who don’t even have their own ish together…  Be it your parents, friends, church, coworkers or even your enemies, you’ve allowed their opinions to silence, suppress, depress, and imprison you…   So why does their opinion matter so much to you?  Why are you so bent out of shape when you hear what someone else thinks of you?  Well it’s because you’re seeking validation, approval, affection, attention, and the likes of (Click “HERE” to read more)


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