Breaking Free From “Your Fear Of Being Alone”…


Some of you reading this post are currently in a relationship where you know damn well your man/woman is cheating on you…  You’ve seen the text messages, read the emails, listened to the voicemails, and some of you have even gone as far as following him/her to their “Side Pieces” house…  You’ve confronted, they denied it…  You’ve shown the proof, they blamed you…  You’ve cried, cursed, fought, damaged and even left a few times, they’ve continued…

Then there are those of you who can be found on every dating site; frequently speed date and not only are you a member of the Singles Ministry at your church, but four others, some in which you’ve never even visited on a Sunday nor met the Pastor…  Marriage is your focus and if the man/woman in which you’ve met isn’t marriage material, no need in wasting your time, you have enough friends…  You’ve lost weight, extended your hair, (Click “HERE” to read more)


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