Breaking Free From “Generational Curses”…


Some of you women reading this post are giving your man hell all because your Momma didn’t trust your daddy or possibly one of her boyfriends…  Because she had been hurt numerous times by men she thought loved her, she tattooed “All men are dogs, if you trust one of them, you’re going to get hurt” all over your mind and because you trusted your mother, you made the vow you would never find yourself hurt by a man.  Then there are you ladies who suffer from low self-esteem and self-worth all because your mother favored your sister with long hair, clear complexion, thin and pretty.  You didn’t want to be your mother’s favorite, just your sister’s equal and because your Mother only knew how to raise you based on the syllabus her Mother gave her, you’re now left feeling inadequate, unworthy of loved, and questioning why anyone would love someone like you…  Throughout your life you were told what God doesn’t want you to do; what your parents have experienced and found out you couldn’t do, and all these things were called “morals”, but in actuality they are “curses”…

Some of you men reading this post watched your Daddy beat your mother for breakfast, lunch, and dinner…  Because he was a broken man who suffered from his own demons, he felt inadequate and found his manhood in taking advantage of the weak…  “Boy, don’t you ever let a woman disrespect you, YOU ARE A MAN” was tattooed all over your mind right after you watched him not only privately, but publicly humiliate your Mother.  You saw him curse her, disrespect and cheat on her, lie to her and because his (Click “HERE” to read more)


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