Breaking Free From “Your Past”…

The reason many of you are unable to move forward is because you’re hiding in your past… A past filled with shame, guilt, hurt, pain and deep dark secrets only you and God know about…  You’re afraid if you move into the plan God has orchestrated for your life, the past will find its way into the present and expose you for “who you are”.   If you notice I wrote “who you are”, not “who you used to be”…  I’ve learned our past whether it’s good or bad; pretty or ugly; filled with positive or painful moments, it is a part of us and has molded us into the individuals we are today.   Now whether you’ve used your past to your advantage or disadvantage, only you can answer this, but you made the choice to either “grow from it” or “die in it”…

Many of you are ashamed of your past because there’s residue (memories) of rape, molestation, sexually transmitted diseases, abortion, abandonment, prison time, being physically abused, homosexual encounters and other things that would cause other’s to look at you differently.  There are those of you who are trapped in your past by the guilt of failure whether it’s letting your friends and family down, not measuring up to the person God created you to be, foreclosures, bankruptcy, repossession, or possibly the guilt of crimes committed in which your life was pardoned by God. And lastly there are those of you dying in your past because (Click “HERE” to read more)


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