Breaking Free Of “The Ugliness Of Beauty”…


We’ve all heard “Pretty Hurts” and boy ain’t that the truth…  With the media whether it’s TV, Newspaper, Magazines; social media, and just the everyday demands of measuring up to the standards of the world many of you are feeling the pain of “beauty”…  “Liposuction”, “Gastric Bypass”, “Plastic Surgery”, “Tummy Tucks”, “Diet Pills”, “Water Pills”, “Fat Burners”, “Botox”, “Body Magic”, “Vixen Weaves”, “Kinky Hair”, “Contacts”, “Hair Coloring”, and so many other methods used in the pursuit of something only the beholder can measure…  Because of the images plastered over every billboard, television, the internet, social media and the images of those you secretly admire, you’re struggling with the way you look…  As many of you know, I struggle with weight…  Have I ever been morbidly obese?  NO…  But just like many of you, I can easily gain weight, but losing it has proven to be a bit more complicated…  At one point in my life, I struggled with not so much my appearance, but how I saw myself in the mirror…  You see, you can be the best looking and the most well-dressed person in the world to others, but if when you look in the mirror all you see is ugly, no one else’s opinion matters…

Many of you today are struggling with the way in which you see yourself…  When standing before the mirror all you can see are the flaws and the things in which doesn’t measure up to the images you’ve seen repeatedly…  And then there are those of you who are struggling because of what you’ve been hoodwinked into believing “beauty” is…  Your entire life you’ve been told “Blonde, Blue Eyes, Tall, and Thin” was the epitome of beauty, so because your hair is kinky, eyes are brown, you’re short and far from thin, you must be ugly…  And men let’s not forget about you…  You’ve been hoodwinked (Click “HERE” to read more)


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