EM: Breaking Free From “The Need To Be Married”…

I can remember the way I felt leaving weddings of several of my friends in my early twenties as if it was just yesterday …  I was depressed, questioning myself, and deeply wanting that feeling it seemed everyone around me was experiencing…  They were in love, starting a new life with the one who held their hearts, and their futures seemed brighter than ever…  Honestly, I found myself comparing who I was to who they were…  I did the whole “apples to apples” thing and in no way did I come up short, but they were living the life I was always told I should be living when reaching that age…  What was wrong with me?  And “Lord, when are you going to send me the one I’m supposed to be with?” ran through my head each and every weekend after leaving another wedding…  Almost twenty years later, several conversations about the up’s and down’s of marriages, and reuniting with some of those same friends who are now divorced, cheating, or hating they ever took the plunge, I now realize and appreciate the “gift” of where I am today…

So now to you…  You strongly desire to be married, but you find yourself starting another year single without any prospects, huh?  You’re either depressed, questioning yourself, or deeply wanting what it seems everyone around you is experiencing… “What’s wrong with me?”, “Lord, when are you going to send me the person I’m supposed to spend my life with?” constantly runs through your mind…  You’re getting older, chances of having children are (Click “HERE” to read more0


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