Waking Up Alone New Years Day

So for the past 5 years I’ve been single…   It would seem by now waking up alone on New Year’s Day wouldn’t bother me, but it does…  Now don’t get me wrong I’m happy being single, have no regrets, and wouldn’t change anything if I could…  But like many of you singles, I still desire the company of someone I find interesting…  So as I end one year and prepare to begin another, I want to share a tip I find very helpful during times like these…

Instead of seeing the burden of being alone, see the freedom of being alone…  I can remember when I was in a relationship and waking up on New Year’s Day with someone I really didn’t like as a person…  So you’re thinking, so why did you stay?  Well like many of you, I didn’t want to be alone during the holiday season; I thought I needed a relationship to complete me, so I traded “peace” for a “piece”.  I can remember how stressful it was and how I wished I was alone…  I can also remember my first thought of the year, “I can’t do this again”….  Waking up with someone doesn’t mean you’re not alone, it just means someone’s in the bed with you…

So many singles devalue their freedom because we’ve been conformed to believing something is wrong with being alone… We’re made to believe we’re supposed to be married by a certain age, have children by a certain age, and if you’re (Click HERE to read more)


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