What Did 2015 Teach You???

With just one day away from beginning a new year I have to ask, what did 2015 teach you?  What lessons did you learn?  Are you a better person because of 2015?  Or are you still the same person you were this same time last year? No matter who you are, here are three lessons of 2015 I believe you may have learned..

You’re A Survivor:  No matter who you are, life is sure to navigate trouble your way….  Maybe you didn’t lose a loved one; job or home this year…  Maybe you didn’t file bankruptcy, file for a divorce, or file away memories of what could have been, but you went through something in which today you now see you survived.  When life introduced you to what appeared at the time to be devastating, you questioned whether or not you were strong enough to handle it, but you’re still here and you survived where many others would have thrown in the towel.  What I know for sure is…  You’re here today, December 30, 2015 because you’re a survivor….  Don’t underestimate yourself or the power within you, take this lesson into 2016 and allow it to push you into greater…

Trouble Don’t Last Always:  Maybe your situation didn’t end the way you would have liked it, but it ended…  Today you find yourself dealing with the residue of the situation, but in order to dig through the rubble left after the storm, YOU HAVE TO COME OUT OF IT…  When life introduced you to what appeared to be devastating, you couldn’t see the bright light at the end of the tunnel because you were fearfully walking in the dark.  You heard the scripture (Click “HERE” to read)


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