How “Thirsty” Are Your Friends???


If women were just as thirsty about their dreams as they are a man, maybe then there would be more “whole”, “truly independent”, and “complete” women in the world…    If men were just as thirsty about their future as they are hitting the “G Spot” of numerous women, just maybe there would be more “secure”, “strong”, and men who are truly bringing their “A Game” and not playing “Childish Games”….  It amazes me how people are “thirsty”, but for the wrong things…  Their “Thirst” is real, but the ish they’re thirsty for isn’t helping them, nor is it helping you by being their friend…  Did you know people can recognize who you are by the company you keep?  The people in your circle hold the power to “make” or “break” you?  Well it’s true, you’re “known for” and “only as good as” those you surround yourself with…

Some of you are living a mediocre life all because of the people you’re hanging with…  They lack ambition, drive, passion and they’re satisfied with living from paycheck to paycheck.  You want more out of life, but you can’t understand why you’re not getting it…  Has it ever crossed your mind that maybe it’s because of the environment you’ve chosen?  Your friends lack drive, so they’re not pushing you further into your future?  Now don’t get me wrong, it’s not your friend’s fault if you don’t reach your goals…   Whether or not you choose to reach your destination is completely  (Click “HERE” to read more)


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