If I Had A Daughter I Would Tell Her…

I think it’s only natural for those of you who do not have children to think about what life would be life if you did…  You think about how your life would be different; possibly a little stressful from time to time due to Ballerina classes, Piano Lessons, Basketball Game schedules and so forth, and how you would have the responsibility of raising a decent human being.  I don’t have children, but I’ve been blessed with some pretty freaking amazing nieces and nephews, but if I did have a daughter here are a few things I would tell her…

You Are Enough:  When I look at some of the women in the world today, it seems as though they are competing with the expectations of the world.  Rollercoaster diets, plastic surgery, and anorexia are only a few of the extremes in which some of them take in efforts of gaining the approval of the world.  If only they knew they were enough just the way they are; that there’s nothing wrong with their gap, hips, kinky hair, bald head, eye color, and the lips so many other women would die to have.  I would tell my daughter “Don’t change one thing about yourself, YOU ARE ENOUGH just the way you are”….

Let It Roll:  Everyone in the world is so uptight nowadays…  Alcohol, drugs, and even suicide are the ways many women choose to escape their troubles.  If only they  (Click “HERE” to read more)


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