Love Shouldn’t Feel This Way…


Many of you reading this post are in love with the thought of “being in love”…  It’s just something about it that warms your heart and gets you all mushy….  You feel inadequate, empty, and incomplete when you don’t have it and because you so desperately want it, there have been many times you’ve found yourself in situations with an illusion of it…    An illusion so great it has caused you to question exactly how love should feel…  We’ve all heard “Love doesn’t hurt” and this is partially true…  It doesn’t hurt “intentionally”, however there are going to be those times we are hurt “unintentionally”.  Because we are humans, making mistakes is a part of our destiny.   There are going to be times our perfections fall into the shadows of our imperfections resulting in the person we so deeply love being hurt…  However, when someone truly loves you their goal is never to hurt you, but it is possible they will.

Today you find yourself in situations where you are questioning the feeling of “love”.  Should “love” hurt so badly?  Should “love” disrespect?  Should “love” belittle and degrade???  “Love” is hurting you to the core, breaking you down, and it’s causing you to question exactly who you are…  You “love” them, but do they truly “love” you???  Well let me help you out…  “Love” will never call you  (Click “HERE” to read more)


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