Put Your “Haters” On Your Payroll…

I’ve learned people talk about you for one of three reasons…  There’s nothing going on in their lives; they’re distracting people from the foolishness going on in their lives, or they want what you have going on in yours…  Some of you reading this post at this very moment are stressed out over what you heard someone said about you.  You’ve done nothing to them, so you just can’t understand why they would maliciously seek to tear you down…  Well I want to tell you this…  GET OVER YOURSELF; THIS HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH YOU…

Here’s a truth for you to ponder…   People who are on their grinds, busy living their lives, and those who are turning dreams into realities have no time to focus on you or what’s going on in your life…   All their attention is directed at their future and sadly to say, entertaining anything negative is a distraction from their purpose in life.   What’s happening here is you’re  (Click “HERE” to read more)


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