Put On Your “Birthday Suit”

Here’s a secret pleasure of mine not too many people know about…  One of my greatest freedoms happens on Saturdays when I have nothing to do but enjoy the peace and quiet of my home…  I open up every blind, burn some candles, strip myself completely naked and enjoy the day in my “Birthday Suit”.  I don’t care if the neighbors see me, nor do I care about what they might think or say…  I enjoy not being restrained by clothes and the thoughts of the world, I just let it all hang…

About five years ago, I applied this same principle to my life…  I opened the blinds (heart) in my home (life), lit some candles (ignited my inner strength), strip myself completely naked of the lies, facades and mask, and started enjoying my life in my “Birthday Suit”.  I reached the point where I didn’t care anymore about the perceptions of others, nor did I care about what family, friends, church, co-workers, or my haters thought or said…  I was miserable because I was restrained by what and who others thought I should be and was unable to just be who I was supposed to be…  Once I reached this point, I reached a place of unimaginable freedom…

Many of you are living your life wearing garments (issues) you didn’t ask for…  You’re wearing generational curses, lies, abuse, perceptions, fear, insecurities, masks, and facades…  You’re unable to walk through life free because you’re afraid of what people will think once you are stripped down to your “Birthday Suit”…  You’re afraid (Click “HERE” to read more)


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