It’s Nothing Personal, You’re Just NOT My Type…

It’s been a long time since you felt any type of feelings for someone and out of nowhere; you meet this man/woman who grabs your attention by surprise.  It’s like, “God, for real for real???”  You were ready to throw in the towel and then this one day when you weren’t expecting to meet anyone, they appear.   It’s been months since the two of you met, and you’re ready to take this to the next level.    So you finally build up the courage to express yourself, but I’ll be damn…  Their response was “it’s nothing personal, but you’re not my type”.   If this ain’t a “WTF???” moment, I don’t know what is.

You’re embarrassed, feeling naked and exposed because you’ve revealed your true feelings and even though you said “No problem, I understand”, underneath that thick armor known as skin, you feel rejected.  You struggled with even telling him/her how you felt, but you read this blog by this bald head dude named John Patrick Adams who said “Go for what you want” and now you’re feeling rejected.  You should have never listened to me, huh?  I’m to blame for the awkwardness in your friendship, right?  It’s my entire fault you can’t look at him/her in the face now, right?

Well, it’s always easy to blame someone else for a decision YOU made…  So if me taking the responsibility for what has happened is going to make this whole process easier for you to cope with, I’ll take it…     But here’s the real deal, you can’t understand why someone wouldn’t want you….  You’re good looking, educated, have a lot going for yourself, a phenomenal catch, yet you’re not your type???  WTF???  Your ego is crushed and to be quite frank, you’re taking this way to personal…  So I’m going to give you four tips for when you’re feeling rejected…

So here we go…

  •  Don’t make it about you, because it’s not…  Just because you’re not someone’s type, doesn’t mean there’s something wrong with you or that you’re lacking something…  It means, they’re not interested in you.  You’re still good looking, educated, have a lot going for yourself; a phenomenal catch, but you’re  (Click “HERE” to read more)


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