What Are You Packing???

If you’re like me, you love to travel, but hate the whole packing process…  You know the counting of the number of daily outfits needed, making sure you have enough toiletries and then to make matters worse, there’s security check at the airport…  Normally when I travel, I try and travel lite… I have my overhead bag and strapped across my chest you’ll find my messenger bag…  My goal is to only carry what is needed and leave the extra behind…  So where am I going with this, right?   Well yesterday I had lunch with my brother from another mother and as usual, I had an amazing time and left with something to share with you…

Whether it’s a past relationship, previous job, our childhood or any type of life altering event, we all walk away with some type of baggage, but what you decide to carry in your bags is completely up to you…  Many of you are carrying emotions, shame and guilt from failed relationships/marriages, betrayal in friendships, explosive episodes with family, church hurt, deceit from coworkers/boss, and you’re carrying unhealed wounds from one  (Click “HERE” to read more)


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