Marriage: The “Sista” Statistic…

This morning I was surfing the web and came across a 2008 article posted on titled “Black and Single:  Is Marriage Really For White People?”.  A very interesting read which opened my eyes to some facts I didn’t know… Did you know according to a US Census Survey conducted in 2006 showed 45% of African American Women had never been married??? Well I didn’t know this, so this got me to digging a little bit deeper and searching for information applicable to the single women of 2015….  The most recent survey conducted in 2014 (Newsweek) showed 43% of African American Women between the ages of 30 – 34 have never been married…  So what’s driving this phenomenon?  Why are there more Caucasian Women getting married?   Is it because Black Women are too strong?  Is there a lack of good men?  Is it because of racial loyalty?  Why has the “Black Woman” become a statistic?

In the first article mentioned above the writer was an educated, professional, and successful African American Woman, but she was single just like many of you reading this post…  She dreamed of being married by the age of 26, having a family, and living in  a big beautiful house with the white picket fence just like many of you reading this post…  Asked repeatedly (Click “HERE” to read more)


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