“Living” Or “Dying” Single???

Yesterday I found myself in a room filled with educated, amazing, beautiful and well-spoken women…  Women who are successful in their careers, driven and passionate about life… Women who would make a great wife, a fantastic mother, and the Cookie every man needs when building his Empire…  Queens, Diamonds, and priceless works of Art…  All ready for a serious relationship/marriage, but they’re all asking “Where are the good men???”

As I sat there and listened, I must admit I was thoroughly impressed…  All these women were single, unwilling to settle, BUTTTT here’s the twist, they were all complaining about a choice they’ve made… As I’ve stated in several of my blogs, “Single is a choice”…  Whether our decision is birthed through the lack of what we perceive as qualified candidates, we choose to be single…  There are plenty of people who would die for the opportunity to be you, but are they people you want to be with???  Are they meeting all your expectations??? Do they check off everything on your list???  Do they look how you’ve envision your mate to look???

I would be lying if I said living single is always easy, because it’s not…  When you’re driven, confident you’re a great catch and you desire to share the highs and lows (Click “HERE” to red more)


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