The Women Men Run From…

This upcoming Saturday I will be facilitating F.A.T. by Design’s first “Play No Game” Male Panel…  So of course in me preparing myself, I began to think about all the different types of ladies who will be in attendance…  Of course there will be the “Educated Woman”, “Independent Woman”, “Plus Size Woman”, “Immature Woman”, “”B…h You Wanna Be Me” Woman”, “Ghetto Chic”, “T.H.O.T”, “Thirsty Woman”, and so many others I don’t have the energy to type right now….  But regardless to the background of the woman, they will all have one thing in common…  They will want to know “The Thoughts of a Man”…

It’s funny how women are the third smartest creature on earth (Men being first, Dolphins being second…), yet they can sometimes come off as the dumbest…  They are clueless as to why they are single, don’t’ understand why men treat them the way they do, and act as though they don’t know why men won’t stick around…  So today I’m going to help you ladies out, because more than likely, you are one of these women below…

So here we go…

“Clingy Woman”:  Now trust me, I’m in love with the ideal of “Old Fashion Love”…  You know when your mate was the first and last call of the day…  When you fell asleep on the phone…  When it was a “no brainer” the two of you were hanging out on the weekend…  The type of love that makes you want to be around your mate all the time…  Now that’s the type of love I want, but even “Old Fashion Love” gets to be too much…  Just because you’re drowning in love doesn’t mean your man doesn’t want to catch a breath of fresh air without you…  Everyone needs a break from each other..  Everyone needs to hangout with their friends…  Everyone needs time to miss each other…  No man wants a chic that smells his fart before he does because she’s all up under him…  Eeeeeesh, give your man a break before he breaks up with you…

“Aggressive Woman”:  “Confidence” has been lied on more than President Obama…  It’s used as the reason many of you are chasing men like a hyena in the dessert; the reason you’re inboxing men on Facebook you don’t even know saying “Can I ask you a personal question???”…  HELL NAW, I don’t know you personally, so why do you need to know anything personal about me??? Sorry, FLASH BACK… You’re saying you’re “Confident” enough to approach a man, but it’s not confidence, IT’S AGGRESSION…   Aggression is certainly a good thing, but in its right place…   I get you know what you want, but men are hunters and like the game (Click “HERE” to read more)


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