Social Security

Regardless to whether you’re male or female, “Confidence” is the sexiest and most powerful quality you can possess…  “Confidence” can make a short man seem tall; an ugly man have swag; a plus size woman look sexy in a two piece thong bikini…  “Confidence” has the power to blind the natural eye to the physical, while opening the eyes of the mind to a world filled with limitless possibilities…  It holds the power to sell someone the unimaginable, unattainable, and the untouchable… “Confidence” is a beautiful thing, but the lack of it is the ugliest thing you can ever imagine…

Many of you are walking around with kinky/natural hair, but you don’t own it…  Physically fit, but you don’t own it…  Thick, curvy and voluptuous, but you don’t own it…  Then there are those of you who are highly educated, financially stable, beautiful/handsome, a good catch, but none of this matters, BECAUSE YOU DON’T OWN IT…  The only thing you own is the INSECURITY of being you…  You question everything, which causes you to doubt everything…  You question your looks, abilities, the power (Click “HERE” to read more)


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