“New Generation Woman”

It’s funny how some women are offended when men call them a “whore”, but they have no problem calling another woman one… Out of nowhere they become this “Old Fashion Woman” who has morals, strong beliefs, and would never do some of the things the “New Generation Woman” is found guilty of…    They share the opinion of my bud mentioned in yesterday’s post, if a woman puts out on the first date/night, she should be hung in the garage with the rest of the garden tools –aka- “She’s a hoe”…  Now I don’t expect this post to get as many likes and shares as yesterday’s “”New Generation Man” –vs- “Old Fashion Woman”” and to be perfectly honest, I don’t give a damn…  You cheered because I was talking directly to the men, but let’s see if you have your “Pomp Pomp’s” today…

So what is a “New Generation Woman”???  Well this chic is driven, and a woman who gets the job done…  She doesn’t wait around for a man to do anything, because she’s been burnt and disappointed by so many in the past…  She’s out spoken, courageous, brave, and a woman who sees a challenge as an opportunity to shine… She needs a man who has vision, because she is a visionary…  She demands a man who is strong, because she needs to be tamed from time to time…  She desires a  man filled with passion, because she is passionate not only about life, but her future… She commands respect from (Click “HERE” to read more)


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