You Put It Out There…

I’ve been told numerous times “You’re so private” and NAWWWW, this is so far from the truth…  I’m not a private guy, I’m just selective with who I share my business…  You see I had to learn the hard way, you can’t tell everybody everything, some people just can’t handle it and then there are those who can’t be trusted with it.  I had to learn there is a huge difference between telling your story and tell your business… If what I’m telling you isn’t helping you now, it’s probably something that’s going to hurt me later…

Many of you just don’t get it…  You put all your business on Facebook…  Your feelings on Twitter…  Your emotions on Periscope…  Your heart on “E Harmony”… And when someone mentions it to you or discuss it behind your back, you’re all bent out of shape…  You can’t understand why they would talk about you…  How they could spread your business… Why those who call themselves  (Click “HERE” to read more)


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