The Single Christian Woman…

If you ever want to hear some foolishness, have dinner with “The Single Christian Woman”…  She’s high and lifted up, devoted to her Savior, and committed to waiting…  It’s draining having to sit there while she goes on and on about how God is going to send her “Boaz”; how she’s content with being single and if God doesn’t see fit to send her the man just for her, she’s cool with being single…  Now I’ve seen God do some miraculous and mind blowing things, so I’m not exactly sure if He needs the help of “Plenty of Fish”, “Tender”, “Christian Mingle”, “E Harmony”, “Black People Meet”, and all the other dating sites she’s secretly visiting, but who knows???

One thing that bothers me greatly is the fact these women lie…  YEAH YOU LIE…  You lie when saying you’re waiting, but testing God’s ability to answer prayers quickly through speed dating…  You lie when you say you’re okay with being single, but you’re crying yourself to sleep every night because you are single…  You lie when you say as hard as it may be, you’re winning when you know damn well that’s a lie because you haven’t purchased “How to Win the Dating Game” (Shameless Plug)…  Truth be told,you’re struggling, secretly questioning yourself and God, and you’re frustrated with being alone (Click “HERE” to read more)


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