Would You Date???

This past Friday I updated my profile picture on Facebook to the picture I’m using for today’s blog with the caption “#DateNight with ME”…  Over 200 likes in less than 8 hours, innumerable friend request, several comments, and quite a few Inbox messages stating “I would have gone out on a date with you”…  As flattering as it may be, I’m learning the importance of dating myself, discovering who I am, and embracing the things in which makes me unique. Going on a date with someone has never been a problem, I have a surplus of possible daters, but sometimes I just want to “Date Myself”.  Some of you reading are saying “that’s right”, “Amen”, “I’m with you”, but if you’re completely honest with yourself, you hate not having anyone to go out with; frustrated with those who want to go out with you; not completely comfortable with going to the movies and having dinner alone, so you sit home and do nothing.   I’ve been there, done that, and I’ve actually written a book about it… #Naked (Get your copy)

I love John Patrick Adams more than anyone else could ever and I enjoy the MeTime, but I haven’t always been there…  Dating yourself is not the easiest thing to do because it requires work…  It requires you to plan, be adventurous, and exposes who you truly are….  In my book “How to Win the Dating Game”, I ask “Would (Click “HERE” to read more)


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