5 Things Every Single Should Know…


Okay it’s Friday, so let’s get straight to it…  If you’re single more than likely you’ve made, making, or have no plans at this point for the weekend…  Some of you are excited, but there are those of you who are depressed…  Depressed because it’s the weekend, you have nothing to do yet again, and seems like you only attract people you have no interest in…  So this post is for everyone who is single, regardless to whether not you’re sleeping at your place tonight, or waking up naked unaware of where you are and how you got there (At least that’s your story)…

So here are “5 Things Every Single Should Know…”

You’re Good Enough:  There’s no need to compete with the standards of the world, your friends, or the expectations of the person you’re dating….  Who you are and what you bring to the table is more than enough…  You’re authentic, so there is no need to suppress who you are or duplicate someone else in order to please someone who’s more than likely unsure of themselves.  If they’re unable to accept you for who you are, YOU ACCEPT THE TRUTH, they are not someone you need in your life…

Don’t Take It Personal:  Take nothing and I mean NOTHING personal…  If you’re complimented, DON’T TAKE IT PERSONAL…  If you’re talked about, DON’T TAKE IT PERSONAL…  If he/she calls the next day, DON’T TAKE IT PERSONAL…  If he/she  (Click “HERE” to read more)


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