Recently Single: “Where Do I Go From Here?”

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Breaking up sometimes sucks…  Besides having to deal with the emotional turmoil, depending on whether or not you were married or cohabitating adds a whole new level of complexity to the process.  It’s hard letting go, but it can be done…  It’s hard moving forward, but it can be done…  It’s hard forgiving, but it can be done…   “Breaking up” for many of you reading this post today may feel a little unfair…  You did everything to make it work; sacrificed so much for the relationship, but leaving empty handed…  And for some of you it feels like you’ve lost a loved one and you’re going through the grieving process…  Some of you are hurting, but there are those of you who are confused as hell and asking “Where Do I Go from Here?”

You’ve taken a hit to “normal”…  Doesn’t matter if it was an agreed upon separation; who called it off, nor does it matter whether or not you’re happy about it, YOUR NORMAL HAS CHANGED…  I’ve learned through experience when going through a breakup, there are moments when you feel you don’t belong anymore…  You can be the most secure, intelligent and grounded person in the world, but it feels as though you don’t quite “fit in” and to be honest, YOU (Click “HERE” to read more)


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