You Got Me, Now What???

“If you ever want to kill a woman’s sexual appetite, feed her wedding cake” is a quote that caused many of you to curse me out, inbox me hateful messages, and it revealed just how many Women Lib Activist there are in the world.   When I quoted this in “6 Things A Woman Loses In A Relationship” (Click “HERE” to read), the women were pissed… Outraged I could say something like this, so they immediately took defense and began to explain why they weren’t putting out as much as they were before…  So where am I going with this, huh???  Well you see in life many times we set expectations we’re unable to maintain…   We use our finances, possessions, looks and sadly to say our bodies to gain attention, but after we get what we want, we’re unable to maintain and keep the attention…

Anybody who knows me knows I’m a Jeans, T-Shirt and of course Chucks (Converse) kind of guy…  If I could wear this everyday all day, I would, but I can’t…  There are times I have to throw on a suit; dress shirt and slacks, and I have to leave my Chucks behind, BUTTTTTT when dating, you’re getting the Chucks.  You see I’ve learned to only bring “me” to the table, I don’t have to impress anyone because I’m John Patrick Adams which is good enough…  I’ve come to the realization people can’t reject me, they can only decide whether or not I’m a good fit for their life, so I give them 100%  (Click “HERE” to read more)


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