Are You Brave Enough To Be Honest???

On Friday I talked about trusting your mate or a person of interest with your future, but can you trust them with your past???  You know the past which includes innumerable sexual partners, slapping and cursing, manipulation and control, windows broken, tires slashed; the “YOU” you hate ever existed but the “YOU” that has taught you and made you who you are today???  Or how about the past in which you were emotionally and spiritually ugly, abusive, a liar, and when you were your own worst enemy???  I asked the question on Friday, “Are you strong enough to love me?”, but today I want to ask “Are you brave enough to be honest???”

One of the most painful feelings I believe when casually/seriously dating or married is finding out the person you thought they were, they really aren’t.  From the very beginning they lied about who they are, didn’t disclose who they were, and they’re painting a picture of someone they will never be…  You went in believing and hoping this time it would be different because they just seem perfect, the answer to your prayers and the one you’ve been waiting (Click “HERE” to read more)


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